It is getting on my nerves slightly, how such importance has been placed on the use of halal meat by the media in the UK right now. People acting extremely concerned about it, should go and find out how non-halal meat is tortured, until drugged and manufactured into a product under a different title, just so you can eat what is the flesh of an animal in ignorant comfort.

The actual issue people have with it is, that it’s a sign of the increasing Islamic influence in England.


What do u think of polyamory-modern poly relationships. Bs? Or progressive? Could u ever be in one do you think?


I don’t really think it’s for me but I don’t argue against it, each to their own. I’ve seen studies that suggest, that humans are evolutionarily, mildly polygynous but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s progressive- I don’t see how it is socially, if that’s what you mean.